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PEDIGREE-EXPLORER is a program package with a focus on genetic-epidemiological
questions as they typically occur prior to linkage analysis.
Especially, the program has been developed and optimized to

(1) analyse thoroughly pedigree structures,
(2) check genotypic marker data for consistency,
(3) create consistent marker sets and
(4) calculate single marker likelihoods for pedigrees.

In doing so, PEDIGREE-EXPLORER can handle arbitrarily large and complex pedigrees (i.e. pedigrees with loops)
limited just by the amount of computer memory and computation time.


Prominent features


  • decomposes a data set into its connected components (i.e. pedigrees and families),
  • provides an overview about the affected units (i.e. trios and  affected sib pairs (ASPs)), 
  • determines the maximal number of generations in a pedigree,
  • finds the longest path from a founder to an offspring,
  • finds all loops in a complex pedigree and classifies them as inbreeding and marriage loops,
  • determines an approximately optimal loopbreaker set,
  • verifies if a pedigree is inconsistent with the Mendelian laws of  inheritance,
  • generates a detailed error report specifying the most likely causes of errors,
  • determines the critical genotypes and suggests consistent ones,
  • automatically generates an error free marker set,
  • reports the maximal possible genotype set for each pedigree member,
  • calculates the maximal number of compatible genotype combinations,
  • calculates single-marker likelihoods for complex pedigrees,
  • deals with autosomal and X-chromosomal markers,
  • deals with multiple-occurrences of errors in a single pedigree.